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 Rosemary McKenry: artist & writer

Publications include

Deadly eh, Cuz? Teaching speakers of Koorie English   (Language Australia 1996)

'Gorilla gang'  in Spinout Stories (Greygum Software 2002)

'Also Hannah' - a novel. Published by Publishing & Data, 2020.

Sound English    a set of 50 adult literacy books (Publishing & Data 2009-2011)

Red light green light Friends Music festival
Weather Can you guess? A new future for Trudy and Luke
On the roof Party Agatha’s goat
Getting ready Australians The passport
The garden The market Thelma’s three husbands
Do you want to? Shiny Naughty!
Shopping bags Sports The welder who worried
Sandals Questions Chicken, chips or Chinese?
Volunteers Owen and Joan Do cats like cowboy movies?
Sally is sick Can you name them? Helen’s shed
Measuring A nasty man Flat mates
Refugee Bill and Jill Hurt at work
Lucky Lee Mother and son Teenage mum and dad
Didgeridoo tour Tijan likes to eat My mother the plumber
Babies My island Nok says NO!
Outback track A big mistake The new driver
A career for Kia Khan goes to kinder  

Sound English Software   (Publishing & Data 2012)

Sound English apps for iOS devices  (Publishing & Data 2012)

Paradise Bird   Short fantasy set in PNG (Publishing & Data 2011)

Mandajarra Nyikina: Cultural resources for Nyikina Language & Cultural Codes with Colleen Hattersley (Madjulla Inc. 2004)

'See youse later: teaching literacy to Australians' in Fine Print (Victorian Adult Literacy & Basic Education Council Inc. 2005)

Chapter in Richards, Jack C. Teaching in action: Teachers of English and Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL, Alexandria, Vancouver 1998)

Article in Best Practice in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Education (National Language & Literary Institute of Australia (Deakin, ACT 1994)


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